Are you a pear or apple shape?

Apple or pear shape tell us where we deposit our fat cell the most

Not that any one of us particularly want to be defined as a fruit, but the reality is when talking about body shape it is either the apple shape or the pear shape.

Men and woman store fat in different areas of the body and for men this storing takes place mostly in the upper arms, shoulders and abdomen, where as for woman it is mainly in the breast, hips, buttocks and tights.

That is just how nature is and nothing can done about it, but what we can do, is to control the amount of excess fat we carry with us every day. One calorie in must balance with one calorie out in order for the math to be equal.

An apple shaped body is a shape there has the greatest fat around the belly and this person carries a higher risk of heart disease. Fat concentration in the midsection is also assumed to increase inflammation and might trigger metabolic diseases there may include high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

A pear body shape, on the other hand, is considered to be relatively healthy. This person or shape store fat in the hips and thighs, and compare to the apple shape this is associated with greater fertility and a lower risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes.

Measuring your waist will give you a good indication whether you are carrying any excess weight or you can ofcourse also just choose to get naked in front of the mirror 🙂

It is not just about looks, but if you are overweight you are statistically in a higher risk group of becoming ill and particularly if you are carrying excess fat around the waist, then every day without making changes in your life style is a day to be even more grateful for.

A waist circumference above 94 cm (37in) in men and 80cm (32in) in women indicate that you are carrying excess weight around the middle, which may increase your chances for developing high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

A man with a waist measurement of 102cm (40 in) and woman of 88cm (35 in) are in the high risk category.

Your body is your temple and should be the most precious gift you have, treat your body with respect, it works hard every day to keep you alive, to keep you well and there is only so much it can withstand before it gives up on you. Remember you are what you eat.

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