Are you up for a fitness challenge?

I challenge you to get fit within the next 30 days

Most of the times I love running, but I also have days where I find it hideous and hard, both a physical and a mental challenge just to keep going on with the ache and the feel of being totally out of shape, the boredom and the lack of motivation, but some days it just feels like a breeze.

My very first attempt to run, was merely to become more active and lose some weight, now many years has passed and I have run several 10 k races, half marathons and my milestone Copenhagen marathon some years back, but still I do not see myself as a runner, I am not particularly fast and my running style is nonexistent, nevertheless I run because I enjoy  it, enjoy the feeling it gives me, the mental and physical awareness of just being.  Participating in the races gave me a challenge and the motivation to put my shoes on day after day and get out the door regardless of rain or shine. Some people call it an obsession, some say it is crazy, but I just call it living.

If you are interested in running or maybe just wanting to get off the couch and being a bit more active I challenge you for 31 days to run or walk. The only thing required beside your motivation and commitment is a instragram account, where you post a picture of your running or walking sessions with hashtag #captainliswellness and hashtag #31daychallengerun and writing a small description. Making the hashtag on instagram will group all the pictures posted in this challenge under the same group.

As we all are on different level of fitness and have various commitments, the challenging are grouped into three and it is up to you to decide when to start or how much you run or walk each time, but the goal is to complete the distance you choose within a 31 day period.

The 31 day challenge

A: 100 km / 62.1 miles , that is 3.2 km a day or 1.98 miles

B: 125 km 77.67 miles , that is 4.0 km a day or 2.48 miles

C: 150 km 93.20 miles, that is 4,8 km a day or 2.98 miles


7 Days learning to change



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