Boosting your immune system every day is easy

A strong immune system means no more feeling fatigued and tired

The cold winter months is soon over us and it is time to prepare our system for the long dark months ahead of us. We know that with the winter season also comes a slightly dip in our mood as well as lower energy, flu, colds and sick days and therefore we need to optimize our immune system so we have that extra boost for the days when we need it the most.

Many things affect our immune system, not only bacteria and cold weather, but certainly also stress, both the mental and physical stress. Every time our body goes into a fight or flight mode we stress the body and although a little stress is healthy enough, we can not remain in fight mode for a longer period of time, if we do, we will eventually become negatively affected.

You properly remember when you were at your fittest time ever, you felt strong, felt energised, had a lot of energy and will-power and amazing enough so, it was properly also the happiest time of your life? And what is the different between now and then? You got older that is given, but the rest is simply because you have let go, your priorities have changed and what you are facing today is your action of neglect from the past.

The preparation for winter months both the mental and the physical part. We all know that the mind is truly the driving force behind all our thoughts, action and how we feel, so with a overwhelmed mind we simply cannot heal, hence it is essential that you daily find that little me-time where you do things for yourself whether it is as simple as lighting some scented candles, meditate, crawl under the blanket with a good book, soak in the bath tub, whatever you want to do, just make you feel good and relax. Once a week set a side one day or a couple of hours where you pamper yourself and forget the world around you.

The vitamin and mineral series consits of more artickles Vitamin A –  Vitamin C-  Vitamin E 

The physical part is that we need to give the body that extra boost of vitamin during the winter month, vitamin ACE and zinc is my favorites for a health booster together with Echinacea there is a fantastic herb to support the immune system. Once a week make yourself a smoothie filled with your favorite fruit, berries or vegetables that will give you a extra boost of energy.

Drinking water is another very important thing during the winter season, although it is a cold season and you might not think that you need it much, you still need to drink water. The body needs approximately 8 glasses of water daily to function optimal. You can also opt to substitute part of the water with herbal teas, with honey and lemon.

Looking after your skin is another very important factor to stay healthy during the cold and harsh winter months. Keep your skin protected against dryness is vital and using a thick moisturiser especially for your hands and face will prevent deeper wrinkles.

Use these herbs to get thru the winter 

No need to say that exercise even in winter is a power boost. I know that it is not always so easy to get out the door when it is cold and rainy, but most cities do have gyms, which is great for maintaining the fitness level during the dark months. Home yoga and pilates is now becoming very popular with online classes or downloads. Many possibilities and no need for any excuses.

Sleep all you can in winter to maintain your overall wellness, in the dark months the body automatically needs more sleep so prepare addition time for sleeping. It is documented that lack of sleep increase the stress level and further can be a reason for weight gain.


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