Wellness is an active fulfilling process of living

As per definition wellness is an active process of being or becoming aware, while making conscious choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. So with that said, wellness is more than just being free from illnesses, more than just having a good day. Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth, both physically and mentally.

If we think beyond the common life style changes of eating healthy and daily exercises, what else can we do to enhance our well-being? As per the above definition we should become more aware, be aware and live in the present moment, stop and smell the roses as the saying goes.

  1. Make conscious effort of being aware of the present moment, forget the past and forget the future. Enjoy life exactly as it is and if something bothers you, either forgive, accept or change what you don’t like. Remember you create the future and where you are today is based on your action from the past.
  2. Be more aware of how you feel. A simple way to do that is to practise a body scan as also mentioned in one of my other blog, that together with meditation will enhance awareness.
  3. Be more aware of the people around you. Take time to listen and communicate without juggling other task at the same time. Be actively present when you engage with other people.

Making conscious choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Define what fulfilling means to you and work towards that fulfilment.

I have come to realise that some of the things, there really can irritate me is unfinished tasks or jobs. It can be small things as un-filed paper works, a cluttered house or a ward rope filled with unused clothes. I need to be living in an organised chaos and that is a conscious choice I live by every day, to live uncluttered and organised, that for me is very fulfilling, the foundation, as it calms my mind and gives me that extra time or energy to focus on other tasks.

My family, my friends, my social network is very fulfilling. I have the best family and friends I could ever have asked for. The support and love are a huge part of my wellness and good feeling.

I have an amazing job and work with the most amazing people, my job takes me around the world, my job have given me a grand opportunity to experience diversity, new cultures and meeting new people and friends. Although wellness is not directly associated with the jobs we have, it has a huge impact on well-being. We need fulfilling jobs to feel satisfied and well.

Fulfilling for me also means that I have time left for myself every day to do things I like. If I do not get that moment daily I feel unsatisfied.  My aim is more short-term than living a fulfilling life, I just want to live every day, create a fulfilling and joyful day –  every day, that for me constitute absolute wellness.

Have a super fantastic day !

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