Finding gratitude written by Lis Lauritzen

Gratitude is available when you manage to pause

It is not always easy to find gratitude amongst all the mess, all the stress and the overwhelming and time-consuming tasks we have to deal with every day. And I am sure I am not alone when I write that sometimes we feel despair, chaotic and that the days are to hectic and we seem to not be able to catch up at all. Some days are like that and some days are not, but it is on the hectic days that we need to pause for a moment and remember all the things that we are grateful about.

Especially on a hectic day, I have promised myself to take out time, to reflect on my life and find all the good things there exists, because indeed life is amazing and it is full of the most wonderful things in the world, but unfortuantely we have these days where we become so consumed in the outside world that we forget to live and feel those special moment there just makes us feel good.

Reflecting on life is the most rejuvenating and beneficial journey you will ever venture on, making you understand and finding peace with yourself. The past is the past and whatever done is done, you can not change the history, but only  move forward with a lesson learned in your pocket.

We all learn every day and we continue to make mistake all life, that is part of growing and becoming wiser. No one is perfect and life is not perfect either, but you can enhance your life force by collecting all the wonderful moments you have gained and experienced over the years and use them in times of chaos. The more you practice filling up your mind with daily gratitude the less impact life will have on you, you will instead become stronger you, and increase your life force and vitality.

Make a list of all the wonderful things in your life you cherish, all the wonderful people you love and care for, all the things you love to do. Fill up your life with positive experiences and by doing so increase your life force and zest for life.

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