Be creative and enjoy your own little herb garden

It is easy, fun and taste so good to own your own herb garden

Everyone knows how great it taste and feel to eat fresh and clean, and growing your own vegetables and herbs is absolutely a good source, while it gives, even more, joy in the home cooking. Your own herb garden is a lot of fun.

It is relatively simple to create your own herb garden and maintain it. You do not need to have “green fingers” but you do need to look after your plants and make sure they get the correct amount of water and sun light, but as said it is a relatively simple job there gives so much.

You can choose to have a small area in our window sills, balcony or garden, but for herbs grown outside, weather needs to be taken into consideration. Herbs can be grown all year, but the best time is from spring to summer when the sun is providing the best light for the herbs, thus you must be careful with direct sunlight as your herb will not be strong enough to withstand the heat in height of summer.

First choose your desired herbs, if not sure you can read more about the varies herbs, which might give you some ideas or I am sure that your garden center where you live will also be able to provide you with some more information.

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You can get most seed at a garden center and further instructions on the best time of year to plant the seeds and how much sunlight and water it needs.  Then it is just to be patient, watch them grow while given your plant your best tender love and care.

My choices for herbs are first and foremost basil as I enjoy very much to eat sun ripped tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. This is a wonderful combination and absolutely one of my favorites choices of eaten fresh.

Another herb I frequently use is cilantro, this herb has a great taste and adds flavor to the cooking, I use cilantro when making hummus and together with any seafood and pork. Many people are not keen on cilantro due to the strong taste, so be aware of that if you are cooking for other people.

Rosemary is also a very typical herb, which is one of the easy herbs to grow. Rosemary is said to boost memory, improve mood and heal skin condition. Rosemary is often used together with lamb dishes and pork as well.

In the Mediterranean kitchen oregano is a very common herb. Most people has tasted oregano, but I will say that the fresh oregano and the dried can not even be compared. When I eat fresh oregano I can almost taste the vitamins in this very delicious herb. Oregano is used frequently with tomato and meat dishes.

Enjoy your fresh and home grown food

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