Are you getting enough of all the good stuff?

Enough Omega 3 has seious health benefit

Eating fish or seafood twice a week if you never has been eating fish on a regular basis is a good start on improving, and getting enough of omega 3 intake, while  loosing more abdominal fat, as studies has shown that eating more fish will support a bigger weight loss overall, and reduce the risk of certain cancers. Omega-3 work to suppress inflammation, which is a catalyst for certain cancers.

Fish and seafood supplies the healthy omega-3 fatty acids that lower blood  levels of triglycerides and help prevent heart disease. There are many benefits from eating a rich diet in omega 3 fatty acids as it further helps against ADHD, diabetes, skin issues and much more. Pink salmon, trout and tuna or canned light tuna are good choices because they are lean products, while fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel are more calorie dense.

The alternative to fish

Chia seeds

The two crucial fatty acids found in fish are EPA and DHA and ALA which is the third fatty acid are found only in certain foods such as nuts, seeds and dairy. The greatest amount of fatty acid is found in salmon, but chia seed and flax seed is also among the top ten highest food products for omega 3 fatty acid.

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You have properly seen some of all the commercials about omega 3 is good for the heart, and rightly so, the omega 3 found in cold water fish have been found to help regulate heartbeat, reduce blood pressure, minimise blood clots and reduce overall inflammation, all of which decrease the risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Fish and sea food is easy to make as it takes very little time to prepare and there is so many different recipe and ways to prepare a seafood or fish meals. Just think about the movie the forest Gump, where Bubba have almost a million ways to make shrimps. The best optiont to get enought is eating fish and seafood several times a week, and preferable  grilled, cooked, steamed or boiled and not fried, due to the added fat and dense calorie intake fried food contains.


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