Herbal lesson # 2 – Stevia the alternative to sugar

The sweet alternative to sugar

Stevia has been used extensively in Japan since the 1970s when the Japanese banned and strictly regulated artificial sweeteners during the 1960s in order to avoid chemicals in their food, and it has since then been a valuable alternative to sugar and other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame i.e. NutraSweet and saccharin.

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Stevia contains no calories and does not cause tooth decay which is a known side effect of sugar together with the decreased immune system. Some studies have indicated that Stevia widens the blood vessels, hence improving blood flow and reducing blood pressure and further possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties.

There are no known side effects associated with the intake of Stevia. It is all natural from the calorie-free sweetness from the leaves.

Stevia is a perennial plant and will be a good choice for any home herb garden. Stevia loves a warm sunny place and is easy to grow on any terraces or balcony and can be purchased at most garden centers or nurseries.

Making your own home-made Stevia tincture.

Harvest your Stevia plant by cutting the leaves. It should be done before the frost, but as late as possible as the cooler temperature will enhance the sweetness in the plant, however, take your Stevia indoor during cold months as it will not withstand the frosty weather.

When the leaves have been cut, dry them in a warm and well-ventilated area and hereafter crush the dried leaves. As with any tincture use a 2 parts herb and 1 part high-proof flavorless alcohol like vodka. Let it sit for 24-30 hours, while you shake the bottle or jar frequently. After the 24 hours, strain the leaves and change the content into a dark colored bottle and stored in a cool place up to 2 years.

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