Use these herbs for colds and flu

Herbs for colds and flu

The cold winter weather is over us and at this time we can expect an increase in colds and flu.

Many vitamin and minerals will boost your immune system, but also herbs has a great benefit for preventions and fighting of colds and flu.

The best remedy is always to keep your immune system strong, so you wont as easily catch a cold or flu. Getting enough rest throughout the winter season, supporting with extra vitamins, minerals and herbs together with maintaining a high hand-washing hygiene will increase your changes getting thru the winter without getting knocked out.


Echinacea is believed to stimulate the immune system to help it battle colds and flu.  It is even prescribed for cold and flu symptoms in some European countries.  It is also believed useful for allergies, colic, and other infectious illnesses.

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Olive leaf 

Olive Leaf is known to have powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It has been used extensively to help stave off colds and flu and may have antioxidant properties as well.  Scientists believe that many of the benefits of olive leaf are due to a nutrient in the olive leaf named oleuropein.  Inferior brands of olive leaf extract can have very low levels of this nutrient due to the way that they are processed.


Feverfew has a long history of use in traditional and folk medicine as a treatment for disorders often controlled by aspirin, such as fever, headaches and some of the accompanying symptoms such as nausea and depression.

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Grape seed extract

One of the most powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals, grape seed extract is 20 times more potent than Vitamin C, and 50 times more potent than Vitamin E.

Are you interested in reading how to Boost your immune system we have more artickles in the vitamin series, which I hope you will benefit from.  Vitamin A –  Vitamin C-  Vitamin E    –  Vitamin D

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