How is wellness defined?

Wellness is by definition a state of feeling good, a place or feeling within our self where we feel calm and peaceful. Wellness is a dynamic process of being aware and making conscious choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is not just being free from illnesses, but merely living with strong life force, dynamic growth, intellectual and emotional well-being. Choose your life and live it with purpose. Live it, love it and laugh with it. Explore all the wonders the world has to offer, find gratitude, be strong, nourish your soul and mind and live life every day.

When we are in that state of wellness, we are using our senses and have the ability to feel and enjoy. It is important to understand, that in order for us to reach that state of good feeling, we must be both mentally and physically well. Keeping an active and a healthy life style, with exercise can benefit the mind, as well as the body and having a peaceful mind can often reduce stress, and support the acceptance of those things in life in which we cannot change.

It is a well-known fact that many people get stressed, if there is no time to pause and to enjoy the moments, so it is essential that you dedicate some “me-time” for yourself every day whether it is to go fishing, reading a book, listening to music, jogging or simply just do nothing at all, without feeling guilty about it.

Learning to relax is one key element to wellness, and you might think it sounds a bit strange, that we have to learn to relax, but when you look at your high-flying life, it is at times difficult to gear down, as we have become addicted to the stress, and the adrenaline, our life is so often filled with.

When was it the last time that you actually woke without any alarm clock, and with no chores for the day? Such days are for many people an unheard luxury and if you are like most, it is properly some time ago for you as well.

Make today different. Make a change to your day’s schedule and give yourself that luxury of a bit of time to do what you like, whether it is to go to the coffee shop and drink your favourite drink, while watching the world go by or take a walk on the beach, a stroll in the neighbourhood, a ride on your bike, whatever it is you want to do, to just pause life for a moment and just sense, feel and enjoy and make that precious time, a time of your own.

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