The mind is a constant companion wherever you go

Enjoy a quit moment alone with you mind

You need to have time for yourself everyday in order to function efficiently and effectively. As Christopher Lloyd Clarke once said “Your mind is at work all day, every day. Every decision you make, every challenge that you face, every moment you go through in life, your mind is your constant companion…and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy.” Give your mind some daily rest and forget about the stress, the chores, deadlines and expectations.

Before I started my daily practise, I found it extremely difficult to give my over-active mind a daily rest, not that I really saw it as a problem, but I knew at times that it could be more beneficial, that I could be more efficient if I could disconnect from the “world” and reconnect more with myself and become more aware. And so it happened,  I decided to try meditate and go into that thoughtless state of mind.

Practise makes perfect

As everyone knows,  who has attempted this same new avenue, I was not at all successful, my thoughts was going in all kind of different directions and when I finally managed to go mindless it lasted very few seconds and when I realized this new state of mind, I got all excited and started to think that I was not thinking…. yes meditation can also make you laugh at yourself, but I also come to realize that the more I practised the more I improved to still the mind.

I am by no means a specialist, but if this is your first attempt to meditation, let me give you few hints to guide you on.

Meditation tips to calm the mind

The purpose or the goal of meditation is to empty your mind andespecially in the beginning it will be most beneficial if you sit yourself in a comfortable area where you can be relaxed with no distraction.

The most common position for meditation is sitting, either on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, some people lay down, when I try that I fall asleep 😉 so I prefer to sit comfortable on a pillow.

The duration of the meditation practise varies from person to persons, but can be between 5-10 minutes up to several hours.

Many people who practise meditation do so with their eyes closed I have found it easier to meditate with my eyes open, locking my focus either on a candle flame or an object.

Start with ten long inhale and exhale to make your body aware of calm and relaxation. Continue breathing deep and focus on how your body feels, scan your entire body from top to bottom, while you continue deep breathing.

It is quite normal that your mind will start to wonder and when it does, redirect your mind back to the body scan. The purpose of the body scan is to make you aware of how your body feels and simply connect with yourself. Just by trying to feel you direct all the energy to yourself and your own awareness. The body scan is typically 20-40 minutes.

When you have mastered a full body scan, you have successfully entered into the world of self-awareness and calm and I am certain your thoughts of your daily chores are no longer as present. Continue deep breathing and lock your focus on an object. Empty your mind for thoughts. Again if your mind starts to wonder redirect your focus back to your breathing and your object.

With conscience daily effort and practise it will become easier and you will gain increase wellness and benefits.

You are not the thoughts in your mind

The face in the mirror, written by Lis Thorolvsen. 

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