Power up your energy at lunch time

Lunch time is topping up your energy level

When you compare breakfast and lunch meals, more people eat lunch versus eating breakfast, and why? When asked, the answer is often something in between the: I am not hungry when I wake up in the morning or I do not have time to eat.  And then you have the other group of people, like myself, who are after short time of being awake,  at the edge of starvation.

Needless to say eating breakfast is essential to give you that morning energy and lunch time is the meal where you top up your energy level for the rest of the day.  Your lunch meal should be smaller than your breakfast and still provide you with a combination of nutrients, carbs and protein and also importantly, the fibres. If you do not get enough soluble fibres at lunch time, most likely your cravings for sugar will appear mid-afternoon.

Fibers are essential for wellness and weight loss. They make us feel fuller longer and decreases the amount of time food waste spends inside our body and reduces the risk of infection or cell changes due to carcinogens, that are being produces when some food, particular meat degrades. A frequent meat-eater with a low fiber intake will normally have a gut transit time of food of 72 hours, however if you add high fiber foods in addition, it will decrease the gut time to 24 hours. <More>

What to eat for lunch?

Tomato soup with basil and rucula

Avocado, integral pita bread, chicken, quinoa, the seasons vegetables, colourful vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumber will provide you a great combination of nutrients.
A home-made vegetable soup blended together will as well create a nutritious meal and will keep you full longer. Remember the more colourful the vegetable is the more nutrients it is. Following you can eat some fruit just to top up,  it can be any fruit really, but a preferred booster is pomegranate an amazing antioxidant and booster for health which you also can add to your salad.

If you had bread for breakfast, you need to find an alternative for lunch. Do not eat bread for both breakfast and lunch but try to eat a more varied meals. Often we eat bread as a quick and filling alternatives, while there is indeed so many other options if we just are a bit more creative. Although bread is carbohydrates and a needed source of energy, bread and other carbohydrates such as pasta, beans, potatoes, and rice should still be eaten with moderation. In many diets carbohydrates are restricted or banned and unfortunately we have grown up to believe that carbs are making us fat, is unhealthy and is unnecessary for the body, but that is an incorrect  statement.  We need the good carbohydrates for energy, while the bad carbohydrates is to no use for the body.   

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10 easy example on lunch meals, which also can be used as lunch boxes.

  1. Tunafish sandwich on brown bread
  2. Wrap with quinoa and chicken and veggies
  3. Pita bread, with humus and salad
  4. Rice paper rolls with cucumber, lettuce, peanuts and cooked chicken.
  5. Home made vegetable soup
  6. Tunafish salat or chicken salat
  7. Eggs, black olives, peppers, cucumber and pasta salat.
  8. Filled advocado; chicken salad or tuna salad or hummus.
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