Prologue – 2017 weight management. Plan, prepare and execute for a brighter future

Written by Lis Thorolvsen. 

Happy new year to you all!

Some of you have asked me if I could write some more about weight management, provide additional tips on weight loss, healthy living and eating habits and in very near future I am able to follow-up on these requests.

Before I start with the article, I will, however, like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all of your likes, your interest and activity sharing on my blog during last year, it means a lot and as many of you have already noticed we have changed our face book group to face book page due to the platform. Again please like, share and follow if you find the articles some what useful.

End of January we will commence with additional weight management topics and if you decide to commit to the challenge any weight loss program entails, following a healthy diet with additional and supporting vitamins and minerals you will be able to, not only see but also feel a difference in your weight, your skin, mood and in your daily energy.

Your future

Make this year your best health year ever and I will promise you, it is the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. Your body is your temple, so treat it with dignity and respect and give it that nourishment, love and care it so are craving for.

Many of us have a different reason to lose weight, but the bottom line should be that being within the normal weight range will limit our risks for heart attack, diabetes, knee and joint issues, lungs and blocked arteries, the aim should be to live longer free of illnesses. For every single pound or kilo, you lose you will increase your health and gain those possible extra years of being mobile and healthy. That should be the definite goal. It is never too late, never too big of a challenge to reclaim your life, your health and your extra years of being you best and together with your loved ones.


Before we start out on this new adventure,  we need to make a plan there is achievable, reasonable and realistic, so set aside minimum 2 hours a day for the weight management program and that includes time for preparation, tracking and an exercise routine. You might think that two hours daily is a lot, but it is not when you compare it to the benefits of living longer and illness free while increasing your life force and longevity. Make those two hours daily a priority, your priority as this is all about you and incorporate it into your daily agenda. Cut down on the tv and social media and spent the time to burn off some calories and move your body in whatever way you find it most enjoyable. Exercises have to be fun and enjoyable otherwise it will only last you a week or two and you are back to square one.

I will be able to advise you, and to a certain extend support you, but you will have to do the hard work and to commit yourself to the challenge it is to lose weight and some days it will require all your effort to keep it rolling, but I promise you , it is worth it, it is your life, nothing is more important than just that.

My weight management plan is not about starving yourself or eating salad for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but it is about healthy choices and making you aware of the alternatives there is out there, and the benefits of certain foods and food groups vs the food there harms you and slows your metabolism.

Be realistic and keep track

First of all, define a realistic goal. Losing weight is not a 3 or 4 months commitment, but a life style change you need to maintain for life. With that said, no one is expecting you to be on a restricted diet for the rest of your life, but more so, that you need to change your bad habits and increase your more healthy choices and you will see by doing just a few changes it will have a major impact. Small everyday changes

A realistic weekly weight loss goal, depending on your current size, is 2 pounds a week almost a kg a week and if you sum that up,  a monthly realistic goal of 8 pound or 4 kg or 48 pounds equal to 24 kg in 6 months. That is a reasonable and realistic goal, but losing weight does not come without effort and hard work.

Keep track of what you eat. Document every thing you eat and drink every day and include your emotions if you find yourself snacking or have a habit of overeating. Tracking and analyzing will help you understand and identifying when you fill up on empty calories and mindless calories. It is very common that just by writing down what you consume, you will automatically opt for more healthy choices. And do not cheat, you only cheat your self.


Depending on your current activity level you need to amp up your current one. So if you currently do no physical activity you are at level 0 and whatever extra you do to move your body will change your body’s metabolism and your calorie burn and eventually you will lose fat.


  1. Measure your self around the waist in order to determine your BMI Calculating you (BMI) Body mass index and your (BMR) Basal metabolic rate and you have an idea how much weight you need to lose to obtain your optimum weight.
  2. Clean away your snack shelf, empty your fridge for soul-food and empty your cupboards for soda and sugary and salty food.  No cookies or candies in the house. Trash trash trash. Don’t tempt yourself.
  3. Clean away all processed food you have in the house. Processed food are often full of food chemicals there binds the fat cells, hence making it more difficult to lose weight. Processed food is can food, pre-packed food, and ready-made meals. With not eating processed food you will engage with more live food and obtain the vitamins and minerals there provide you energy and health.
  4. Drink at least 8 big glasses of water daily and add lemon in order to support the kidney eliminating chemicals and toxic waste.
  5. Sleep 7-9 hours a day The reason why sleep is the best medicine
  6. Increase your vitamin intake by adding fresh fruit and vegetables daily.
  7. Decide upon 3 different exercises you want to do. Two of them has to be cardio exercises, which is anything they raise your heart rate, while the other is a weight-bearing exercise to increase your muscle mass. Cardio exercise burns calories only when the action is taken place while gaining muscles burns calories throughout the entire day and night. You can also incorporate yoga to become more mindful which will help you if you are an emotional eater.
  8. Prepare a journal and write down daily all the food and drinks you consume daily. Keep track of your mindless calories in order to define where you are adding the unnecessary calories.
  9. Set a weekly, monthly and a yearly goal. Breaking your goals down into smaller goals is more achievable than long term goals.
  10. Reduce your food intake and eat slow. It takes 20 minutes for you stomach to realize it is full. Eat one serving only and only drink before or after the meals, as drinking during meal times neutralizes some of the acids in the stomach there breaks down the food and slower the digestion.

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