Rejuvenate and detox with just 20 minutes a day written by Lis Lauritzen

If you are privilege to have access to daily sauna sessions it is the fastest and greatest way to deep detox and rejuvenate. The process of sweating there happens when spending prolonged time in the sauna create a deep detoxification from within and all toxins and chemical from organs and fat cells are released in this process.

Chemicals and toxins are unfortunately avoidable. Think about how we every day from all avenues in our life get exposed from chemicals, radiation and pesticides as the most common process of just living. From house hold products, cleaning materials, micro oven, cell phones to the air we breath, from the food we eat, the skin product we apply and all the packaging and plastic we wrap our self around with every purchase we do, it is no wonder that over time our body will become exhausted and can not keep up with this amount of load and eventually the chemicals will be stored in our body, in our organs and fat cells. When your body and organs have the accesive amount of chemicals it become not just more difficult to lose weight as the chemicals binds the fat cells, but the organs will not be able with full efficiently to keep you clean, alive and healthy.

With just 20 minutes of sauna session a day you can make a brand new start and rid your organs and fat cell from all the excessive chemicals and most importantly reset all our organs to work with full efficiency towards a new healthy you. Not only will you feel better, sleep better, you will get an increase energy, your skin will look younger, your hair more shiny and you will lose weight.

Looking back in history saunas or similar has been used through decades to promote well-being and health; from the japanese onsen bath, the finnish sauna sessions, the turkish hammam and the roman thermal bath, so regardless where you are in the world, there is many possibilities to enter into the new world of cleaning from within and make a brand new day.

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