20 simple and small changes to improve health

Small every day changes for greater benefits

If I told you that eating your processed food and drinking your sugar laden beverages will most likely make you sick in a few years from now, would you then consider changing the way you indulge in such items?

Always chose healthier choices as a general rule and even small things counts. If you eat white bread substitute for brown bread if you have salt cravings and you normally eat chips, substitute for popcorn or salt sticks, which is a healthier choice if you crave salty. There is always a healthier alternatives it is just to have the knowledge and the experience to know the difference, however with that said, if someone tells you that sweet potatoes fries are healthy, you must within yourself know that such a statement cannot be correct, they are maybe healthier than normal fries but certainly the most healthy alternative is not to eat any fries at all. So just to be aware that every time we have a choice between two items, we indeed have three choices as we can also choose not to eat it and that is the most healthy choice.

Every time we go food shopping we tend to choose the same products because we know them in taste and texture, however next time you grocery shop, consider healthier choices from what you normally choose. Just replace one item a week to something healthier and you are on the right track.

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20 ways to be healthier

1. Substitute juice with water

2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

3. Snack on fruit

4. Minimize alcohol intake to few days a week

5. Drink 1-2 glasses of water before meal times.

6. Eat a solid and healthy breakfast

7. Start your morning with cold water and lemon

8. Don’t skip your 3 main meals

9. Get your Omegas 3-4 times a week

10. Limit your salt and sugar intake

11. Eat slow and eat with awareness

12. Minimize butter and substitute with olive oil.

13. Eat more papaya and avocado to maintain digestion and healthy skin

14. Sleep 7-9 hours every day

15. Increase your Vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E for daily boosts.

16. Exercise your body and mind daily.

17. Minimize chemicals in your house holds.

18. Few minutes of daily stretching increase flexibility

19. Eat fresh, eat nutritious food, eating wise.

20. Change what you don’t like.

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