The different kind of carbohydrates

By Lis Thorolvsen. 

Carbohydrates are the most common source of energy, which can be obtained from bread, pasta, beans, potatoes, and rice. Carbohydrates require less water to digest than for example protein or fats. In many diets carbohydrates are restricted or banned and unfortunately we have grown up to believe that carbs are making us fat, is unhealthy and is unnecessary for the body.

Those statements are all rubbish as carbohydrates are essential in maintaining a balanced diet and must be part of our daily food intake, however not all carbohydrates are good for us and some should be eating in moderation.

There is two different kind of carbohydrates; the complex and the simple or often also referred to as “the good” and “the bad” carbohydrates.


Complex carbs (good carbs) are the carbs that give your body the best fuel. These are usually found in food groups high in fibers and which breaks down more slowly given you a steady blood sugar level throughout the day. The good carbohydrates are anything such as chick peas, brown rice, oats, banana, low-fat yogurt, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, grain, and quinoa. So rounding the items up it would be fresh fruit especially berries, whole grains, nuts, legumes, dairy natural products with no added sugar.

The simple carbs (bad carbs) are those carbs your body quickly breaks down giving your blood sugar a spike. That is anything refined such as white rice, white bread, and white pasta. It is anything breaded, processed and with added sugar.

With a continuously greater amount of bad carbs consumed, without adding additional exercise, it must be expected some kind of reaction, which manifest in our overall well-being. Excessive bad carbs will make us fat and affect our immune system, so when chosen your food groups opt for the good carbs.

Good carbs are essential for maintaining stable blood sugar level and with especially vigorous sports performance and activity. To maintain optimum health it is important eating a diet high in “live” foods i.e. fruits and vegetables, whole grains combined with a modest amount of animal or vegetable protein, all important for optimum health.

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  1. Patricia R Marceaux says:

    Hi Captain Lis,
    Enjoyed the article especially since I am a diabetic now but trying to undo it!

    • captainliswellness says:

      Hi Patricia, thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear about your diabetic. I hope you can find some additional information in our articles. Send my regards and hugs to you

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