The face in the mirror

The face in the mirror is an reflection of how you feel

A mirror is more than just a reflection

I  am sure, you at some point in life have met them, those people you instantly feel connected with. They somehow inspire you, they give you an instant energy, they make you feel good, you laugh, it is positive and you enjoy even a simple conversation, although you have just met them and know nothing of them.

or on the opposite, I am sure you as well has met, those people, who by just few minutes of conversation has your mind wonder elsewhere, you do not seem to connect, you block them out, you listen but don’t hear and hopefully you manage to answer “yes”or “no”at the right places.

Some call it chemistry, I call it the “energy-field of the mind”, some people display an aura of positive, while others carry this cloud of negativity around them. The vibes or the energy field is either neutral, uplifting or draining, hence you either boost or deflect your own energy field.

You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.

Studies has shown that we connect with things and people there in return gives us a pleasant experience. We love anything there makes us feel good.

This can be as simple as a swim in the ocean, walking on the beach, eating an ice creme, reading a book, anything there makes us feel good. It could also be as simple as you happened to meet this stranger in the supermarket, cueing in the same line and that person just makes you feel good, by a simple greeting, a smile or behaviour.

We simply are collectors of positive experiences and don’t do well with negative people in our lives. How do you think other people perceive you ? Do you let your bad mood affect other people?

We can’t change other people, we can’t change the way other people think or feel, and neither should we attempt to, but what we can change is monitoring what kind of energy we, ourselves present to people around us. What we think or feel is quite often perceived from body language and facial expressions.

“Body language shows the inner feelings and attitudes of a person—actions do speak louder than words!”

Being a positive person is a choice we make, looking for the good instead of the bad is a choice we make, letting other people hurt us is a choice we make, feeling resentment is a choice we make and resetting the past is a choice we make.

It is up to you how you want to feel

You choose how you want to feel; accept all the things you can not change, let go of all the self-doubt, the negative in your life and  accept the world, the people, your life as it is.

Start loving yourself for whom you are, for what you have become and all the things that you are not. Love yourself strong and nothing from the “outside world” can hurt you.

Forgive, forget and move on, otherwise you will end up like one of these negative-minded people.  Crawl, climb or walk it does not matter how you reach that goal, as long as your destination is to the positive side of life.

Very rarely if any, do we feel a great pleasure or deep connection with negative people, they spent much time belittle their surroundings, complaining and seeing all wrong in the world, in other people and their doings. It drain us, take our energy and deflate us.

A smile cost nothing, being friendly and supportive cost nothing and looking for the best in other people cost nothing. The more we practice looking for all the good and beautiful in life and in other people, the more we fill up our energy field, our own mind and awareness with positivity and life simply become brighter and a better place to be.

Think about how your behavior affect other people, display happiness and it shows, display anger, negativity, resentment, it all shows and once words are said, behaviour is done, you can’t take it back with a “sorry I did not mean that”, you just made an impression in people’s mind, and some impressions, if repeated becomes your personality traits.

What you feel and what you think is what you attract, so aim to be positive and share with the world the all positive and good there is in life. Live, love, laugh.


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