Vitamin A – Carrots 

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Written by Lis Thorolvsen

Vitamin A is a group of compounds that include retinol, retinal, and carotenoids such as beta-carotene and studies have repeatedly shown that antioxidants like Vitamin A, there is a fat  soluble vitamin, are vital to maintain good health and longevity due to its ability to support the function of the immune system there rely heavily on sufficient vitamin A and the recommended daily intake of vitamin A is 900 mcg for men and 700 mcg for woman.

Lack of vitamin A might lead to increased infections and an overall weak immune system causing night blindness, leaky gut, inflammatory bowel  diseases and poor skin complexion. People who suffer from ache or a skin disease related to nutrient can minimise such skin problems by changing their eating habits and incorporate more antioxidants like Vitamin A, and preferable as a primarily means eating a well-balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole foods whenever possible, rather than taken antioxidants from supplements.

carrot-juice-1623157__340Vitamin A can be found in many vegetables such as carrots,  sweet potatoes, spinach and broccoli and just one sliced cup of carrots daily provide more than the recommended daily allowance and will boost both overall immune system as well as eye health and skin complexion.

Carrots is a well know vegetable and available in all supermarkets and stores and are often found in the orange colour, but can now as well be found in both purple, yellow and red colours. Mixing of the various colours of carrots will provide a colourful and festive dinner plate and at the same time provide you a boost of nutrients to enhance your health.

A quick way to get a lot of vitamins and minerals is simply to utilise a juice machine and then add your favorite fruits and or vegetables. Making your own carrots and orange juice, taste absolutely delightful, also with a little hint of ginger. Using around 10 carrots and 5 oranges will give you a good size fresh juice filled with not only vitamin A, but also Vitamin C to boost your overall health.

If you are not in a possession of such juice machine, making a creamy carrot soup is an option not to forget either. Very tasty and very filling. Cooking your carrots soft and tender, and then blend them together with fresh herbs and a little creme is healthy, nutritious and soul food.

Todays quote: ” The grass is greener where you water it.” 

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