I love my Vitamin E for younger looking skin

Eating healthy means you care for yourself

I love avocado, I love nuts and I love quinoa not only are they super foods, but they are also so tasty and full of fibers and nutrition, especially vitamin E, which is so essential for a strong and healthy body.

You might have read some of my other blogs about optimum health and vitamins and minerals, and if so, you will know that I have a couple of favorite vitamins I simply live by to obtain optimum health.

One of these essential vitamins is vitamin C, not just because it fights flu and boost immune system, but because I have been intrigued by Linus Pauling research on Vitamin C and all the benefits it can provide you long-term, so I am a strong believer of “what you do today will benefit you tomorrow” nevertheless this article is about vitamin E and its benefits, which is also one of my favorites, but if you want to read more about Vitamin C you can find it under the recent articles in the blog section.

Why eating Vitamin E by the recommened doses only

You properly already know that vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and that means excessive vitamin E, not used immediately by the body will be stored in the fat cells. All toxins and excessive vitamins stored in the fat cells are difficult for your body to excrete, so toxic level is possible with intake of higher doses of vitamin E over a longer period of time, which eventually can make you unwell and overweight.

On a side note, the reason you can become overweight by excessive storing is that vitamins and chemicals binds or holds on to the fat, hence it’s become more difficult to lose it, and that is a reason why many people opt for detox in order to get rid of all the excessive substances.  You have properly heard the statements that wellness comes from within and by giving your vital organs a clean start, reducing the number of unnecessary substances it will give you more energy, ease weight-loss and enhance your entire immune system. You can read more about this topic in my other blog # Glowing from the sauna.

Storage of vitamin E occurs in the liver and the muscle and may further block absorption of Vitamin A and K, although this is medical statements, do not get overly worried about overdosing on Vitamin E unless you consume more than the recommend daily supplement of Vitamin E in terms of additional capsules or a direct vitamin E treatment.

Lower level or recommended daily allowance of vitamin E is 15 mg per day while maximum upper level is 300 mg per day, which is similar to eating 25 medium avocado just to reach the recommended doses of Vitamin E.  Each avocado have approximately 0.60 mg and avocado is one of the fruits, which contains the most Vitamin E, while sunflower oil has 5.6 mg for one tablespoon oil.

Vitamin supplement shopping

The body needs vitamin E to boost and maintain a healthy immune system and with that said with a stronger immune system, it is more difficult to get affected by bacteria and viruses. Vitamin E benefits include treating and preventing diseases of the heart and support widening of the blood vessels, hence minimising the risk of blood clotting, chest pain, high blood pressure. As it also helps improve elasticity, vitamin E is acting as a natural anti-aging nutrient to your body and it is further shown that it helps to reduce inflammation.

Eating well is the best life insurance you can give yourself. Stay focused on health and bring the awareness of eating a well-balanced meal every time you eat with a focus on fibers, nutrients, and vitamin. Eat a variety of the main vegetables and fruit group, add nuts, seeds and lentils, and compliment with fish or lean meat.

“One apple a day keep the doctor away”

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