Weight management session # 8, Eat yourself to a better health with a natural weight loss

You properly already know that it is possible to eat yourself sick and to sickness and like-
wise eat yourself to a better and improved health. Food is the main source of not only energy but also vitamins and minerals to maintain, recover and boost our body to function well and to funbarley-field-1684052__340.jpgction optimally.

With the right combination of nutrients, our body will, with ample vitamins and minerals, sustain our organs, rejuvenate and repair damaged cells, hence gaining years of vitality and life force.

Food can make us sick and food can make us better, therefore eating a well-balanced diet, will benefit us in everyday life and is the best investment for the future.

Maybe you agree or disagree with me, but my philosophy is that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, as a solid nutritional breakfast will give you the boost and energy you need every day. Remember you have been without food since your last meal, which was properly your dinner the previous day, and although we have slept throughout the night, the body function has still been fully active and needs to be replenished to regain energy for the day.

Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day and dinner the smallest unless of course, your activity level is highest at night. By eating a big healthy breakfast you provide energy to the body and refuel all the cells for a day full of activity. And from a weight management point of view, calories from breakfast will be burned throughout the day just by our basal metabolism, hence lunch meal should be just enough to top up and maintain energy levels, while dinner should be our smaller meals as the activity level decreases at night.


Your breakfast has to be solid and light. Do not start out the day with a fried egg and bacon meal, which only makes your body and brain sluggish. You need healthy energy and you need water, plenty of water through out the day as well.

Chia seeds, crushed flaxseed, almond, berry, Greek yogurt, papaya, kiwi, honey, melon cinnamon, oats are all food there will power up the engines and energize you and your metabolism for your day.

If you are in a rush in the morning, you can still obtain a healthy breakfast on the go with this delicious smoothie consisting of a base of home-made almond milk. Use one cup almonds and two cups water. Soak the almonds in water overnight or 1 – 2 days, the longer you soak the almonds, the creamier the milk will be. Drain and rinse the almonds and blend them with fresh water. This in itself is absolutely deliciousyogurt-1235353__340.jpg, and you can then add some oats, berries, kiwi, chia seeds and crushed flax seeds.  A super energizer and vital to providing your body with vitamins and minerals.

The reason why I have chosen to add the oats to this smoothie is that oats makes the tummy feel fuller longer and also is rich in soluble fiber and helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promoting healthy gut bacteria and increases feelings of fullness. You can read more about our other articles on super foods Super food session # 3 – Chia seed, the supplement for anyone who needs energy and endurance

Lunch time

Lunch time is the meal where you top up your energy level for the rest of the day and your lunch meal should be smaller than your breakfast and still provide you with a combination of nutrients, carbs, and protein and also importantly, the fibers. If you do not get enough soluble fibers at lunch time, most likely your cravings for sugar will appear mid-afternoon.

Avocado, integral pita bread, chicken, quinoa, the season’s vegetables, colorful vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumber will provide you a great combination of nutrients. A home-made vegetable soup blended together will as well create a nutritious meal and will keep you full longer. Remember the more colorful the vegetable is the more nutrients it is. Following you can eat some fruit just to top up,  it can be any fruit really, but my preferred booster is Super food session # 2 Pomegranate an amazing antioxidant and booster for health which you also can add to your salad.

Afternoon snack

If your main activity or physical sports activity happens in the afternoon, it is important to eat a healthy snack one hour prior to, just to give you a little more energy. A handful of nuts and raisins and some slices of melon and fresh figs are good pre-running snacks, and believe me fueling up before a long run or activity session will make a difference in your performance.


What do you eat for dinner normally? and how much do you eat? Remember the healthier you eat, the healthier and stronger do you feel. Do you need to eat meat every day? Would you be able to be a vegetarian? What really matters for weight loss is, of course, the calories consumed sushi-142579__340.jpgevery day versus the calories spent every day, but especially for dinner time when we are at least active, watch your portion size and eat as early as practicable as our metabolism slows down at night.

Fish and sea food is great choice for dinner and I am a big fan of fish. Firstly it provides you the essential omega-3 nutrient, which the body can not make for itself and most fish dishes can be made into a light meal with nutritional sides. Be creative and search for recipes on the net and try out something new, something with different ingredients.

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