Weight management session # 9 – Portion control is half of any weight loss program

Portion control is half of any weight loss

Written by Lis Thorolvsen

Our meal size is serious business and one of the reasons why we consume so many extra calories a day. Reducing portion size for your biggest daily meal is half of any weight loss program. We eat a lot more than we need and a lot more than what is good for us. Often people eat themselves to sickness and statistically even though we have so much information available on healthy living we have become nations of obesity. Portion control and mindfulness are the two key words when eating your meals.


One big aspect of a weight loss management program is to do much home cooking in order to control the ingredient, quality and portion sizes.  The plates served in many restaurants in some countries have more focus on biggest versus quality and draw people to the restaurant with “all you can eat” or “if you eat this much, you eat for free” which is a solid business plan to attract more customers, however we all know when leaving such establishment, we have eating beyond our needs.

Controlling portion sizes is half of any weight loss program. The more and bigger we eat the more our stomach will adapt to the amount of food and soon a normal size meal will not make us feel full and satisfied any longer and we increase our food intake further, and so the story goes, we eat more and more, and it becomes a vicious circle.

The rule of thumb when it comes to portion sizes is, of course, an average estimation, depending on your physical activity, as a sedentary person needs fewer calories than an athlete. As a guideline use three different sizes of plates; one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner, and use these measures for your meals.

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Your biggest meal and plate should, in reality, be the breakfast meal as we have the entire day to burn off that meal, but we all know it is for many people not practically possible. Breakfast for most people is just a quick meal eaten before we rush out the door and lunch is either eaten at the work place facility or a nearby restaurant, then when dinner time comes we finally have the time to sit down and enjoy the meal. This meal becomes the main meal of the day and often with second servings and a dessert, for the sweet tooth.

Being mindful when eating is cutting calories

As eating has become a routine task we tend to do it without putting much focus or attention to it, we carry out other tasks simultaneously, such as conversing with other people, checking the phone, reading the newspaper or watching tv, all reasons why we eat more, unconsciously. Just being mindful of what we eat, the texture, the colors of the food and the flavors do we increase our awareness to the process and force ourselves to connect with the activity to eat slower and using the various meal plates for the different meals and leaving the serving plates on the kitchen counter will assist in portion control.

It takes the brain approximately 20 minutes to recognize that the stomach is full so by eating slower we will eat less, reduce portion sizes and the need for second servings and just by cutting that single meal with a third, do we shave off extra calories and benefit towards a weight loss and improved living.

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