You are not the thoughts in your mind

By Lis Thorolvsen

You are not your thoughts

We have all tried it at least once in our lives, when we have been standing up against a challenge, facing fears or some unpleasant moments, we doubt our own ability, become hesitant and feel discouraged. Our mind tells us stories and our subconscious mind does not validate our thoughts and will believe whatever we tell it, but you are not the thoughts in your mind.

If we tell it that we are in a bad mood, that we are tired, afraid or hungry it will believe so, and we will act accordingly, the same will happens when we believe we are useless, inadequate or will fail.

You are strong, brave and beautiful

The mind is the core for our mental wellness and to a certain extend also our physical wellness. The mind has the ability to exercise consciousness, it can perceive and remember, it can imagine, recognize and appreciate and is further responsible for processing feelings and emotions. All that, together result in future actions, attitudes, and new thoughts and actions.

This is all very well and this is how we normally live and operate, however, at times the mind takes full control from us and generate an internal imbalance there deprive our wellness. Our mind can, like the rest of the body, become sick and make us do things or make us say things, we normally would never have done with a calm and healthy mind, so looking after the mind is as important as looking after our heart.

Unless we control the mind, especially in times of changes, it will never stop thinking and always remain with the tendency to look at every aspect of life with worst case scenarios, creating a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

This is how internal stress is being built, from all the repetitive thoughts. The mind is trying to analyze, organize and plan and at times we hear the voice in our head like it is our own voice talking to us and when we start to identify that voice as our own thoughts it triggers us to feel a certain way. Mostly the voice is always negative, and now as a feeling is then further manifested with the thought, it is becoming so much more real and we begin to associate ourselves with that internal voice as our own thought and begin to feel and respond accordingly.

Becoming stronger in the present moment

Most of us are not even aware when we are thinking negatively or if we are in a bad mood, but often it is our thoughts there has created that feeling, There is no magic way to identify such thoughts before they appear, but becoming more aware of our thoughts in general, will broaden our understanding and awareness and gives us the possibility to respond to our subconscious mind in a positive way.

You are strong, brave and beautiful in whatever form and shape you are. Be proud of yourself, your achievement and what you have accomplished so far.

The next time you start to feel doubt, bring yourself back to the present moment. In the present moment, there is no past nor future, no worries, and no regrets. Worries only live in the future and if you can stop the mind from living in the future there are no worries, and similar regrets only appear when we allow the mind to dwell on the past.

Try to recall a time when you felt fear? Was the fear existing in the present moment or was it the unknown demons and the prospect of not knowing if something bad would happen? Most of the time we feel worried or feel the fear of the “what if” situation, but fear only lives in the future and rarely in the present moment.

Remember you are not your thoughts in your mind and those negative thoughts, the fear and the worries the mind creates is an illusion of the future or past and if you listen long enough to the mind you might believe what it tells you. Living more with a present mind will provide a healthy awareness and harmony and will eliminate much stress, worries, and self-doubt.

The face in the mirror written by Lis Thorolvsen


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