Anantara Oriental Experience

Imagine yourself surrounded by marble, heat emanating from the ornate structure as you inhale deeply a calming steam. The hammam rituals at Banana Island Doha by Anantara include a ghassoul wrap followed by a pressure-point massage and stretching, all assisted by laying on the warm centre stone. This thorough full body treatment is one of the world’s most sought after traditional spa experiences.

Experience the relaxing world of the Moroccan or Turkish Hammam. The bathing and cleansing tradition is designed to purify, exfoliate, eliminate toxins, soothe aching muscles and relieve tension. Discover the nourishing benefits of a ghassoul wrap, followed by a pressure-point massage and stretching, all while you lay on a heated marble slab to improve flexibly and enhance vital energy flow. The treatment is then completed with a relaxing massage to wind your body back down.

Duration: 75 minutes



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